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Visualize the Coverage of Nearby Transit

Feb 11, 2024
tags: urbanism, openstreetmap, coding
Lat: 42.3542212
Lon: -71.0666328
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Use this application to visualize the the coverage of public transit in various locations. Drag to move, and click to change the central point. The light blue area gives a rough idea of the coverage from transit-related uses with 10km of a central point. It shows everywhere within 240m of a transit station, be it a passenger railroad station or a bus stop. This is roughly the distance that someone could walk in 3 minutes. It is a very simplified view of transit coverage in a place, since it doesn't take into account routes, frequency, accessibility, or type of transit.

I used the open-source project OpenStreetMap via the Overpass API to get information on the location of transit stations, and I used the javascript library Leaflet to present those features on an interactive map. A version of this app is available on my github.

OpenStreetMap is amazing, and if you are interested in learning more or getting comfortable with the project, I recommend you check out the OSM Queries Tutorial, or run your own queries from Overpass Turbo.